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Precision and Consistency Guaranteed: Foxin PVD Coating Equipment

May 08, 2023

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating is a popular method used to apply a thin film of material onto a surface. This coating provides a variety of benefits, including increased durability, improved wear resistance, and enhanced appearance. To achieve the best results, high-quality PVD coating equipment is essential. Foxin Vacuum Technology is a leading manufacturer of PVD coating equipment that offers state-of-the-art solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Foxin Vacuum Technology offers a range of PVD coating equipment, including vacuum deposition systems, sputtering systems, and plasma etching equipment. These systems are designed to provide precise control over the deposition process, ensuring consistent results and high-quality coatings. The company’s PVD coating equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices.

PVD Coating Equipment: Pvd Ceramic Tiles Sputtering Coating Machine For Sale

PVD ceramic tile sputtering coating machines have become a popular choice for manufacturers looking to add unique and durable coatings to their ceramic tiles. One such machine is the Pvd Ceramic Tiles Sputtering Coating Machine For Sale by Foxin Vacuum Technology.

The machine works by using a physical vapor deposition process in a vacuum chamber. The ceramic tiles are loaded onto a substrate holder inside the chamber, and any contaminants are removed by evacuation.The coating material is then introduced into the chamber as a vapor. The high-energy plasma ionizes the vapor and accelerates it towards the tile surface. When ions hit a surface. They deposit a thin film of coating material, which can be controlled by adjusting the sputtering parameters. Finally, the coated tiles are unloaded.

PVD tile sputtering coating machine can be used in various application fields such as decorative coating, wear-resistant coating, and anti-corrosion coating. The machine can produce a range of colors on tiles by using different coating materials. These include metallic colors like silver and gold. Bright and vibrant colors using metal oxide materials. And a black coating that uses things like carbon and nitrogen. The functions of the machine include vacuum chamber, substrate holder, sputtering source, plasma source, control system and safety features such as interlocks and vacuum sensors.

PVD Coating Equipment: Gold PVD Coating Equipment Pvd Vacuum Coating Manufacture

In recent years, PVD coating equipment has become increasingly popular for depositing thin films onto the surface of various materials. Gold PVD coating equipment is one type of PVD vacuum coating equipment used to deposit a layer of gold film onto the surface of the metal, glass, plastic, and other materials.

Features of Gold PVD Coating Equipment:

The gold PVD coating equipment uses a vacuum chamber to deposit a thin layer of gold onto the substrate material. It provides a uniform and durable gold coating that can resist wear and corrosion. The equipment can be custom-made to accommodate various substrate sizes and shapes. The color of the gold-plated layer is not static and varies with its thickness, angle, and composition of the substrate material.

Applications of Gold PVD Coating Equipment:

The jewelry industry uses gold PVD coating equipment to coat rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry items. The watch industry also uses this equipment to coat watch cases, straps, and dials. The eyewear industry uses gold PVD coating equipment to coat frames and lenses. Additionally, gold PVD coating equipment is used to coat components with a decorative or protective gold coating.

PVD Coating Equipment: Gold Pvd Coating Equipment Pvd Vacuum Coating Ion Plating Machine

PVD coating equipment is a popular method of depositing a thin layer of material onto a substrate surface. Gold PVD coating equipment is a type of PVD equipment that uses physical vaporization, sputtering, or ion plating to deposit a thin layer of gold onto a substrate surface. This equipment is widely used in the jewelry, watch, eyewear, automotive, and aerospace industries to provide enhanced appearance, durability, and abrasion resistance to the substrate.

Key features of Foxin’s gold PVD coating equipment. Includes vacuum chamber, pure gold target, power supply, substrate holder, and process control functions. A vacuum chamber provides a controlled environment free of contaminants. Simultaneously, the target material is evaporated and deposited onto the substrate surface using a power source. The substrate holder holds the substrate in place and rotates it during the coating process to ensure even coverage. The process control functions include temperature and pressure control, deposition rate control, and real-time monitoring of coating thickness and quality.

Foxin’s vacuum coating machine and ion coating machine also use the PVD process to deposit a thin layer of gold onto the substrate surface. These machines use high-energy sources such as electron beams or magnetron sputtering systems to deposit gold atoms onto the substrate surface. By adjusting various parameters such as plot rate, temperature, and pressure, one can design the thickness and quality of the coating according to specific requirements.

Foxin Vacuum Technology’s PVD Coating Equipment: Best Choice for Your Needs

Foxin Vacuum Technology is a professional factory that specializes in the production of PVD coating machines through the exploration of vacuum technology. The company’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality vacuum equipment and core technical support. As well as personalized solutions and fast after-sales service.

Since its establishment in 2011. Foxin has attracted a diverse group of professionals in various fields, including design, production, application, and assembly line. Its main products, multi-arc coating equipment, and magnetron sputtering coating equipment are widely used in various industries such as building materials, large hardware, mobile phones, aerospace, electronics, toys, and cars.

Their dedication to excellence has also resulted in CE certification for all of their machines. These machines have been strictly tested by professional institutions. Foxin has a strong R&D department and more than 38 patents. Continuously innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions to meet customer needs.


Foxin’s commitment to quality is evident in its perfect after-sales service and high-quality products at low prices. The company’s all-in-one approach, where everything from production to after-sales service is under one roof, has made them the fastest in the business.

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